September 4th 2020


October 2 2020

Good Day Members and Friends!


Here at the Chamber, just like any job, there are good days and bad days. Days like yesterday are exceptionally rewarding and nothing beats the feeling of a job well done when you return later and see the results. Yesterday was light-changing-day on the Gateway Bridge. Josh Mclaughlin, Cam Clark, and Pete Chase, whom I imagine as owners of thriving businesses, can all bill out hourly for a hefty amount, dropped everything to take down and replace the decorative lights on the bridge. 400 to be exact. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I can’t think of a better way to spend 5 hours on a beautiful day with these 3 great guys.  The icing on the cake was going back to make sure all of the lights were working (you know those Christmas tree lights? There is always a bad strand ). But no. It was a beautiful, bright, perfectly done and should last another 5 years.


It's shaping up to be beautiful fall weekend so kick back and relax. Words of wisdom.


  • Attached are some interesting classes offered by  New Ventures Maine. Always good for the brain to keep learning.

  • Houlton Water Company  wants to remind everyone to conserve water. Their wells are in good shape but with the continuing drought it’s best to exercise caution.

  • Only two more Market Days so it’s a good time to stock up on winter squashes and potatoes.

  • Notice the purple ribbons in town? It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month. Stop by the Co-op or Country North Gifts and for a $1 donation you can have a really great shiny, purple happy face sticker. Like many organizations fund raising is non existent and this is their way of raising money to help keep the Battered Women’s Shelter operational. Who doesn’t love a happy face? All of your employees should have one!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Sept 25 2020

Good Day Members and Friends!


Ok, I now know that face masks are ruinous to fashion. There, I’ve said it.  While wearing facemasks I have lost more than a few of my favorite earrings and wonder if anyone else has been having the same problem? Go out of the house with two and return with one. Catch site of your reflection while in a store and find that your hair is doing some funky thing like sticking straight out the side of your head due to a poorly situated ear strap.  For those of us with our fair share of wrinkles, I will never understand why that cute little print on my hand-sewn mask does nothing to smooth out the lines around my eyes and why, for that matter, does my young daughter look perfectly put together with her mask on but I look like a wreck. Points to ponder.


Focus Jane. It’s Friday and a beautiful day it is!


  • The sugar maples along the Riverfront Park trail are so vibrant right now so take a walk.

  • If you want something more strenuous try climbing Mars Hill (Big Rock) Stunning and it will tire out you and the kids.

  • Sunnyside Farm , 406 New Limerick Rd. in Linneus,  is having a Pick Your Own Pumpkins, Apples and Gourds this weekend. Bring your camera. Nothing cuter than a kid in a pumpkin patch

  • Our friends at the Temple Cinema will be having a  $5 Buck bucket sale of popcorn Saturday between 5 an 7 so you can get your movie popcorn fix o’ the week.

  • Heads up when you go through town. Fall banners are in place! Thanks to the Putnam Trust for the generous donation that allows us to help make Historic Market Square more vibrant. Also, thanks to Rays Tree Service for hanging out with me on a Thursday afternoon to complete the installation!

  • Putnam House Senior center is open on Mondays and Thursdays if you know of an older person who is struggling with being alone. All Covid-19 precautions are taken and mask wearing is essential.

  • And, yes, Community Market is still being held from 9 to 1 on Saturday. Only 3 more market days!


Have a wonderful weekend and guard those earrings ladies!



Sept. 18th 2020

Good Day Members & Friends!


When “the Covid” hit in March and the state was essentially shut down, the grand railroad clock in the hall of the Chamber stopped. I enjoyed the ritual of winding the old girl every week but it seemed apropos to let it go silent until the virus passed away and life returned to normal.  If all these things would align then the clock would resume ticking. Well. My good friend Lori often quotes her old aunt, “If if’s and buts were candy and nuts it would be Christmas all year long.” Yup, words to live by. Needless to say, the clock pendulum is back to swinging. Life goes on, things are rarely perfect, and wouldn’t it be boring if it were Christmas all year long?




  • Aurora Mills is looking for someone to join their farm team as a valued employee. Pay is great with potential to grow as farm skills are developed. Call Sara if you know of anyone looking for that perfect career. 521-1335 (Working on a farm is never boring!)

  • Saturday the 19th from 4:30 to 6:00 the Southern Aroostook Ag Museum is holding a take-out Chicken BBQ by donation. Get out there and support this group of energetic volunteers.

  • November 14 is the new date for the SAWCD Women’s Beginning Chainsaw Safety Class at the Meduxnekeag Ramblers Snowsled Club on the Wiley Rd. from 8 to 4

       To pre-register call Angie at 254-4126. Don’t laugh! I have a very small battery operated chainsaw             that flipped off the chain and there it sits. Helpless. I will conquer my chainsaw fear!

  • The Temple Cinema will be closing temporarily until some new movies are released by the powers-that-be in Hollywood. (Can’t sell tickets when movies are not available!). They will, however,  be selling popcorn every other week starting on Saturday the 26th. $5 buckets will be available!

  • Community Market in Market Square tomorrow from 9 to 1. Only 3 more market days!

  • Tomorrow, Saturday the 19th The Star City Saints motorcycle club will hold their Beanies for Babies Charity ride starting in the Marden’s parking lot on Presque Isle at 11 and ending at Step in Time in Market Square at 5.  $20 to ride or a donation of children’s winter clothing.

  • Houlton Rotary is soliciting for their Annual Auction to be held in November. If you or your business have not been approached feel free to call me here at the Chamber. Our auction proceeds benefit the community and we are looking forward to making this the best auction ever!

  • If you are looking for a great family game to pass the fall evenings, the Houlton Alumni Association has reduced the cost of HoultonOpoly from $30 to $20. Great Christmas gifts. I have some here at the Chamber, there are some at the County Co-op at 53 Main St. and Cole’s Shoe on Kendall St.


Don’t forget to take in or snug up next to the house your porch plants. The next few nights are predicted hard frosts!


Stay positive my friends!



Sept. 11th 2020

Good Day Members and Friends!


It just occurred to me that we are 14 weeks away from Christmas but only 10 weeks away from the December Hidden Treasures series that you all love to much. Come on, admit it. You do. For me this means that I had best get to looking for that perfect gift that you can buy locally.( I shall sacrifice myself on the altar of shopping) . As you are out and about, please let me know if you see anything unique in our area offered by local shops and I’ll add it to the list.


First the bad news,  another event just bit the dust. The Trade Show that we were hoping to hold in early October has been cancelled due to concerns about being able to follow compliance measures imposed by the state by the Chamber as well as the vendors. We look forward to having one in the spring, but I am done making promises! (Covid, I am so over you.) Good news is that the Chamber is working with the Rec Center to have a very unique Halloween experience for the children of Houlton. If you are a business and would like to host a table for Halloween candy or trinkets please call the Rec Center (532-1310) or the Chamber. More about that later.


  • This Saturday there will be a dinner at the American Legion on Bangor St. from 4 to 6. Eat outside or take-out. Either way a Roast Pork dinner is hard to beat at $10 per person.

  • Things are going well with the Temple Cinema. They will be open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and  continue to sell Five Buck Buckets of popcorn and 1.50 candy. Wednesday is still free popcorn night so bring a bowl.

  • E-Waste is tomorrow so don’t forget. 9 to 1 rain or shine at the Catholic Church parking lot. You don’t even have to get out of your car.

  • Roz Morgan will be entertaining the Marketers at tomorrows Farmers Market. 9 to 1 in the Square!

  • Disc Golf is available to play at Community Park thanks to the efforts of Houlton Rotary, Public Works and spearheaded by Nate Bodenstab. I understand it is a growing sport that anyone can do. Great family fun.


Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the weekend everyone. The remaining days of summer are short.



Sept. 4th 2020

Good Day Members and Friends!


I was standing at my kitchen counter this morning waiting for my coffee water to boil when I heard a sound…could it be the trash man? Nope, that was yesterday. Could it be a lost freightliner? Believe it or not, it happens and I always feel bad because my road is hard to make the turn. But I digress. It was a big yellow school bus. Two to be exact! It was an awesome sound to hear after six months of quiet and took me back to that wonderful memory of the first day of school. Different time though so please, all of you stay safe, all of you!


For many this is the start of long weekend given that Monday is Labor Day and lots of people skate out on Friday to grab those last days of summer. For those of you who are still in the office,


  • The Temple Cinema is open! Check out to see the schedule. I would like to note that they offer a “Hero’s Discount” valid for active military, law enforcement, firefighters, and nurses. Cool, right?

  • The market  is on Saturday from 9 to 1. Only 5 more Saturdays!

  • Again, don’t forget the E-Waste Recycling Day next Saturday at the Catholic Church parking Lot from 9 to 1, rain or shine. There is no charge to drop off any amount of stuff but remember to bring some cash because it is a fund raiser for Rotary and donations are gratefully accepted!

  • The County Co-op and Farm Store is having a great raffle for a fundraiser (trust me, times have been tough) $5 a ticket to win a beautiful market basket filled with great stuff. Stop by and buy a ticket!

  • LP Corp has just posted another great job opportunity for a Millwright C (maintenance). Check out the job on I cannot stress enough what a great company this is so please share.

  • Exciting change of clothes (banners) coming to the town in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for a whole new look thanks to the Putnam Trust!


Have a wonderful and restful weekend.




August 28th 2020 Housekeeping 

Good Day Members and Friends!


Ah the blessed coolness of fall is soon to be upon us. I know, some of you are cursing my enthusiasm but don’t you sleep better, feel less lethargic, have an added spring to your step?


Before I get started I would like to thank everyone who sponsored, lent a hand, or waited in line for lobsters at the first Lobster-To-Go the Chamber has ever hosted. It went surprisingly well considering we packaged up 160 meals containing 250 lobsters in 2 hours. Machias Savings, Agri-Cal USA, Dead River, and S.W. Collins, you are the best!


So, for this weekend,

~The HPD is hosting their Bike Giveaway at the Houlton Shooting Range storage building from 10 to 2 on Saturday. The bikes are free thanks to a generous donor.

~In September the Rec Department is going to run programs after school for the kids onTuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays until 5pm. Call Marie FMI 532-1310.

~We have a new Lounge in town in the old First National Bank building next to the Temple Theater. Called A Step in Time this place is a must see with a limited lunch and dinner menu, 7 days a week.

~If you haven’t see it yet, check out Maine Biz Magazine…Houlton got the front page!

~On Saturday the local Republican Committee is hosting a “Drive by for a dog” (the red ones not the puppies) from 11 to 1 on the corner of Pleasant and Highland Ave. Stop by and visit!

~Those interested in the Rotary sponsored EWaste Recycling event see the attachment FMI.

~And yes…the Temple Cinema is opening on Sept. 3 with the long awaited movie, Tenet. All ticket holders must be temped and masked for entry.


Lots to do today and so little time so I hope you are all staying safe and well!



Friday August 14TH 2020

Good Day Members and Friends,


On the upside, I haven’t had to mow my lawn for two weeks but on the downside, it’s dead. Or nearly. Except for the yellow hawkweed that flat out refuses to die. Drought is hard especially in an agricultural area where we need the rain. Anyone know any dances, prayers, spells or incantations that can help?


  • Don’t forget to preorder your lobster dinners for Friday, August 21 by calling me here at the office.  Lobster-to-go is going to be big, fun and a great way to get out of that dreaded task of actually boiling lobsters!

  • There is another take-out supper at the Southern Aroostook Ag Museum in Littleton tomorrow night (Aug. 15) starting at 4:30. Roast pork, stuffing, beans and dessert are what’s for dinner! Donations are accepted.

  • A big welcome goes to Dawn Larrabee who is now the County Federal Credit Unions’ the new manager.

  • Put this one on your calendar ‘cause I am going to keep reminding you of the September 12 EWaste event from 9 to 1 in St. Mary’s parking lot and put on by Houlton Rotary. Gather all that no-longer-used electronic stuff  in a pile so you don’t forget. Remember, no white stuff (refers, washers, dryers, freezers). No air-conditioners or dehumidifiers (freon is a no-no) and no light bulbs!

  • This Saturday the 15th there will be popcorn at the Temple Cinema from 5 to 7. Stop by and get your theater popcorn fix and help support the cause!

  • Houlton Community Market this Saturday, of course. Don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket or two to win a half of a locally grown processed pig  ( two chances because there are two halves to a whole pig!)

  • I have attached a special opportunity from the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant for those who wonder) for small business grants for small businesses with less than 5 employees. Worth a look and definitely worth a share.


Lest I forget to remind everyone, there are 4 seats open at the November election for Town Council, 6(?) for Board of Budget Review, 2 for the Water Company Board, and 5 (yup, 5) for the School Board. Do I need to remind people of their Civic duty? Don’t make me come after you and ask. I have to say that these past 6 years on the council has been very interesting so please don’t be intimidated by the process. It’s amazing what you will learn about our little corner of the earth!


With that, I’m outta here. The day is beckoning me to do chores. Enjoy your weekend.





Friday August 7th 2020

Good Day Members and Friends!


To mask or not to mask? That is the question. Nope. Not going there. At first I thought I would put in my two cents then remembered that the subject is nothing but a slippery slope toward a cliff. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So let’s talk about something fun, like lobsters.


We can’t do much for Potato Feast Days in these COVID times but we can offer, thanks to the generosity of Dead River, S.W. Collins, Agri-Cal and our friends at Machias Savings Bank, a Lobster-to-Go event. On Friday, August 21 at 4:30 the pots will be boiling and you will have the opportunity to purchase  complete lobster dinners with corn, new potatoes, Houlton Farm Dairy butter, and a home-baked cookie. Preorder your dinners before August 18, ($16 for a complete single lobster meal. $26 for a double lobster meal) so we can get a good count.”. Call me to order! 532-4216 or 694-3414. Can anyone say “picnic in the park”?


As for the rest of the weekend,


  • County Open is this weekend. Good luck if you are golfing!

  • Temple Cinema is offering a unique and fun opportunity. Some theaters are allowing pods (limited #’s) of people to use the theater for viewing parties. Bring your own DVD and watch it on the big screen. If anyone is interested in this please email Charlie at To discuss terms.

  • For those loving the theater popcorn Saturday sales, the Temple Cinema will be offering it once again on August 15 from 5 to 7.

  • On Thursday, August 13 the County Federal Credit Union will be passing out $5 ice-cream coupons to members.

  • Also on August 15, the Southern Aroostook Ag Museum will be doing another take-out dinner so you can add that to your calendar. Menu to be determined.

  • Community Market on Saturday from 9 to 1.


Enjoy this glorious day!



Friday July 31st 2020

Good Day Members and Friends!


It wouldn’t be summer if I didn’t have at least one run-in with an office bat and by that I mean the flying kind. Sometimes they are alive and hanging from odd places, sometimes my keen sense of smell kicks in and I know there is a dead one. This time it was the latter. (Definitely a horrid smell).Took me two hours of looking in every little nook and crannie using the old game of hot and cold but sure enough, there he was laying in a jar of paddle trophies in the office, melting with the heat. So, bat dispatched. How was your week?


Moving on…

  • Our friends at the Ag Museum in Littleton reported that last Saturdays Take Out Supper was a huge success and sold out in a little over an hour. They will be hosting another on the 15th so mark your calendars!

  • While Potato Feast Days, scheduled for the weekend of August 21, will not be happening this year because of limitations due COVID-19 the Chamber hopes to host a drive through take-out lobster dinner event on Saturday August 22. We cook them to order, you come get them. More on that later.

  • Tomorrow is National Community Market Day. Check out the market from 9 to 1. Lots of great stuff!

  • Coming up on the iconic County Open Golf Tournament next Saturday and Sunday. The event, which benefits the Health Services Foundation, is open to the public. Visit to learn more

  • Island Falls is hosting their scaled down version of Summerfest on Saturday August 1. Antique Tractor Pulls from 10 to 3, and an “Apron on the Lines Sale” from 10 to 2 as well as a Strawberry Shortcake sale. Fireworks at 9 p.m. at the golf course! Check out the Pioneer Times for a schedule.


Have a wonderful weekend,